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A truly magical and unique film! The questioning of the absurdity lurking in the balance of society is reminiscent of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland." Director Kenichi Sono's depiction of coincidences and inevitabilities, fakes and common occurrences, is truly outstanding as a "theater of the absurd."Mitsunori Demachi Cinemago, a film distributor







​【海外配信】todoiF (選出協力 Cinemago)



主演は、『劇場版コード・ブルー ドクターヘリ緊急救命』『人間失格 太宰治と3人の女たち』の山谷花純。主人公・シホ役と25年前に失踪した女優・星乃よう子役の1人2役を繊細かつ大胆に演じ、マドリード国際映画祭2019 最優秀外国語映画主演女優賞を受賞。







A 25 years old homeless girl, Shiho, living in an internet cafe, runs into a blind fortune teller, who insists that they had met 25 years ago.Figuring out whom the fortune teller actually met was, turns out to be a journey to search for her identity.

宗野賢一監督:SONO Kenichi



人種差別問題を扱った卒業制作映画『There But Not There』(2010)がミシシッピ州「Crossroad Film Festival」、ロードアイランド州「Ivy Film Festival」、サウスダコタ州「Black Hills Film Festival」で公式上映され、好評を博した。また「Black Hills Film Festival」では2010年度の最優秀学生映画のノミネート作品6本に選出されている。

2010年に日本に帰国してからは東映京都撮影所で助監督として様々な作品に参加し、CM作品の監督も手がけるように。そして2015年に自主制作映画『数多の波に埋もれる声』で長編映画監督デビューを果たし、「ゆうばり国際ファンタスティック映画祭 2016 」のファンタスティック・オフシアター・コンペティション部門に入選し公式上映された。


Born in 1985 and raised in Kobe, Kenichi Sono graduated from Chapman University and completed BFA in Film Production in 2009. After he came back to Japan, he started working at TOEI STUDIOS KYOTO, which is the one of the oldest film studios in Japan. In 2016, his first independent feature film, Voices Fading in the Waves, held its world premiere at Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. The film was made available on many media (DVD and some video distribution website).


Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. Sometimes they defy explanation. I have always been fascinated by meaningful coincidences as I grow up, and I feel that they might be guiding people to a better life. That is to say, those strange happenings can tell us something important about our lives and ourselves. In order to make the meaning behind all the events Shiho experiences stand out clearly, I filled the world with shady characters. Therefore, audiences may feel as if they are trapped in the world which are made of “fake plastic.” However, by the time they finish watching this film, they start believing what you can see is not everything and even some bad things happening to their lives could be just a part of meaningful coincidences. I believe this film could give audiences hope for a better tomorrow.

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