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Takehiko Fujita Masanori Machida Takuya Fujisaki

Saiki Tetsu Manami Kusaba Bakko Maeda (Metal for Moment) Takashi Toyoda

Hironobu Yukinaga Takanori Nakajo Kana Ishii Yusuke Sugiyama / Hironobu Nomura (Special appearance)

Screenplay / Director / Special Skills Director / Production Yoshikazu Ishii


Co-Producer Hiro Sakuragawa Associate Producer Mitsutoshi Demachi

Screenplay: Gen Tanaka, Photographed by Yoshihito Takahashi, Recorded by Hidehiko Ameda, Edited by Shoki Hirai

Sound design Daisuke Wakabayashi, monster modeling Daisuke Sato, English subtitles ​​Kouichi Kawano

Production Team Better Tomorrow Distribution Cinemago / Promotion Cinemarche

Distribution cooperation Gigley box / cooperation  todoiF / Mokuka

​ << Theatrical release information >>
​2022 Published in 2010

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The comedy movie "SFX Comedy Yuzo Oki, the biggest in my life" directed by Yoshikazu Ishii , who has worked on many special effects such as "Ultraman Ginga" as a disciple of director Norifumi Suzuki of the "Torakku Yaro" series. The decisive battle ” .


Director Yoshikazu Ishii said, " I want the audience to enjoy the entertainment movie that involves comedy and special effects in times of confusion. " " And I want to pass on the tradition of Japanese special effects" Kaiju Kigurumi "to posterity through the movie. " An exciting comedy movie of "Anything Ali" that was created with my own thoughts and sent to all those who have experienced the corona disaster .

Not only the monsters that Director Ishii has become accustomed to, but also gag, action, musicals, etc., the movie life and view of the movie of Director Ishii are strongly reflected, and entertainment works that can be enjoyed not only by special effects fans but also domestically and internationally, regardless of age or sex, were born. !!




In 2020, the world was exposed to the threat of the new coronavirus ⁉️


The effect has spread not only to health but also to the economy, and Yuzo Oki , a salaried worker who enjoyed remote life, is restructured clearly and easily.


Although he managed to get a job again, he was waiting for him, including President Zeni Geba , a fitness instructor with zero members , a garbage thief who is just a waste collection, a sales representative of a gambling enthusiast, and a man who withdraws into a costume. And so on, all the crazy people .


Even so, Yuzo did his best in his new workplace, but ...


After being swayed by my selfish colleagues, my lover also flirts and causes discoloration ...




​ The ban will be lifted soon!




Takehiko Fujita Masanori Machida Takuya Fujisaki

Saiki Tetsu Manami Kusaba Bakko Maeda (Momentary Metal) Takashi Toyoda 


Director Director


Yoshikazu Ishii: Ishii Yoshikazu


Born November 27, 1965 Born in Tokyo. Introduced by the scriptwriter and director Hiroshi Kashihara, directors Norifumi Suzuki, Hiroshi Kashihara, Joji Iida, Toshimichi Okawa, Mamoru Oshii, Kiyoshi Nishimura, Kenji Suzuki, Masaaki Tezuka, Otsuka Serves as an assistant director such as Kyoji. At the scene of special effects, he is an assistant director of Koichi Kawakita, Eiichi Asada, Makoto Kamiya, Tomoo Haraguchi, Toshio Miike, and Katsuro Onoue. In Hong Kong, I am indebted to Tadashi Nishimoto (the cameraman of "The Way of the Dragon" and "Comed with Me"). He works not only in movies and TV dramas, but also in commercials, games, VPs, and coordinators. Especially since 2004, he specializes in special effects movies.


[Writer Twitter] @TabiYuzo

[Main works]

2015: Movie "Sakura Hana" Special Skills Director / Assistant Director

2016: Movie "Gamemaster" production / director / screenplay / original

2017: Director of AbemaTV short drama "Green Rise"
2018: Movie "Attack of Giant Teacher" Production / Director / Special Skills Director / Original / Screenplay



2022 Information will be lifted soon!


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