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"Reality" erodes reality

March 11, 2011 ── That day, we thought we were finally here. While watching the burning Kesennuma, I was scared by the news of the meltdown of the nuclear power plant. And I thought it would change if I survived. If it doesn't change, we can't face the dead. Nine years have passed since then, and we are living with the feelings of that day in the corner of our heads, as if we had dreamed of it. Haruki, the main character, is one of us. Haruki goes to Yokosuka after getting a mysterious information that her ex-girlfriend who thought she died in the disaster might be alive. That trip was a trip that reminded me of that day's feelings ──​


Ryuju Kobayashi, who attracted attention for his role as Haruki in "Guilty of Romance," "Broken Pieces," and "Run, at a speed that can't keep up with despair," was invited as a co-star. , Yota Kawase, who is widely active in TV dramas such as "One Cut of the Dead", Setsuko Karasuma in the friendship appearance, and Kazuaki Nagaya of "One Cut of the Dead", which made the movie world exciting last year. The director and screenwriter is Shinichi Otsuka, who will make his feature-length debut as a theatrical release. I usually worked at a ramen shop and completed this work over 5 years.

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Go meet the ghosts ...

Haruki and Chikako were lovers who were about to get married, but suddenly when Chikako's father who lives in Fukushima collapsed, she needed help with her only daughter. Haruki and Chikako decide to part with no choice. It was the result of Haruki's choice of work, weighing his life with Chikako and his work in Tokyo.


── After that, the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, and nine years have passed.


Haruki was informed by an acquaintance that Chikako, who was thought to have died in the disaster, "may be alive", and headed to Yokosuka, where Chikako was present, with half-belief.



Profile of Nobukazu Otsuka


Born in 1980, from Nagasaki prefecture. Graduated from the Department of Philosophy, College of Arts and Sciences, Nihon University. Studied under Kazuhiko Hasegawa, a film director. While working at a restaurant, he helped create the scenario for "United Red Army" and sporadically participated in the production of "Itsuka dokusho dai" (2005 / Akira Ogata).


After that, he left the movie scene and worked on independent film production while earning a living by working at a ramen shop. This work is a project that started preparations to shoot one short story as "the last challenge before the birth of a child", but eventually it became a long story, and it took 5 years to produce "Yokosuka Kitan". Official entry to the Expected New Director Award at the Kanazawa Film Festival 2019. In 2020, he won the "2nd Film Competition" at the Abashiri Film Festival. Invited to the 8th Chongqing Youth Film Festival held in China in 2021.


Support comment

Shigehiko Hasumi (Film critic)

This new director's first work is a very ambitious work, but it is hard to say that it is an excellent work in that it is spoken by dialogue rather than a chain of shots. However, the fact that everything is done in 90 minutes deserves high praise.

Onodera system (critic)

 The relentless reality of destroying everyday life is like an illusion, and at the same time, the lost everyday life is also thought to be an illusion. A work that makes you feel the desire to grab something that is certain in such an unreliable world.


Risaku Kiridoshi (critic)

 There is no doubt that it is a movie that raises the issue and can be said to be magnificent.

Sakichi Sato (Screenwriter)

It was a strange touch. It takes a great deal of courage and sense to sublimate as entertainment across genres while facing the subject head-on, but director Nobukazu Otsuka has cleared it brilliantly. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it will come next.


Yushun Orita (writing business)

Many suggestive settings and lines that can be read from this work that challenged "memory" from multiple perspectives ── <message> ── are now faced by each person who is facing various realities. I think you can receive each one. I strongly feel the significance and inevitability of being disclosed in this environment.

Yoshitaka Mori (Director)

It's a disgusting movie. Forget everything conveniently and try to live as comfortably as possible, ​ Let us face our own inertia.

​ Toshinao Sasaki (journalist)

A masterpiece in which the axis of memory and oblivion overlaps with another axis of parties and non-parties, and the thoughts of each character emerge strongly.




Ryuju Kobayashi (Haruki Toda )

Born in 1989. Born in Kanagawa prefecture. In 2011, she made her first appearance in the movie "Guilty of Romance" directed by Sion Sono. After that, he appeared in a wide range of movies, TV, theatrical performances, commercials, etc. Recent major appearances include the movies "Run, at a speed that can't keep up with despair" (Director Ryutaro Nakagawa / 2016), "Gukoroku" (Director Kei Ishikawa / 2017), and "The Chrysanthemum and Guillotine" (Director Takahisa Zeze). / 2018), "Red Star" (Director Aya Igashi / 2018), etc.



Shijimi​ (Chikako Yabuuchi )

Born in 1983. Born in Shimane prefecture. In 2011, he was the heroine of the film "Ended" directed by Rikiya Imaizumi. Widely used in movies and theatrical performances. Recent appearances include "Motherhood," "Dosemon," "Clematis's Window," and "Hydrogen 74%," "Tricolor Cake," and "Tokatsu Sports." ​



Yota Kawase​ (Taku Kawashima )

Born in 1969. Born in Sapporo. After working as an assistant director for an independent film, he became an actor in "RUBBER'S LOVER" directed by Shozin Fukui. After that, he met Takahisa Zeze and appeared in many pink movies. Since then, he has been widely active in adult movies, V-cinema, independent films, general movies, and television. Major appearances include "Shin Godzilla" (2016) "Bangkok Nights" (2017) "Chrysanthemum and Guillotine" (2018) "Natural Life" (2019) "The Kamagasaki Cauldron" (2019) "AI Collapse" (2020) Such.


​​Minako Osanai​

​​ Born in 1939. Born in Aomori prefecture. After working at the Seinenza Theater Company, he made his first appearance in the movie "Living Wolf" in 1964. Since then, it has been called "The Queen of the Daytime" and is widely used in movies, television, and theatrical performances. His lifework is the recitation drama "I will never forget the summer clouds."

Setsuko Karasuma​ (Yoko )

Born in 1955. Born in Shiga prefecture. In 1979, he was selected as a Clarion Girl and made his debut in the entertainment world. In 1980, he started acting as an actress in "Before Spring" (directed by Hojin Hashiura), starred in "Four Seasons Natsuko" (1980) directed by Yoichi Higashi, and won the Japan Academy Prize New Face Award and Golden Arrow Award New Face Award. .. In "Station Station" (Director Yasuo Furuhata / 1981), he won the Japan Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Other appearances include "Matsugane Potshots" (Director Atsuhiro Yamashita / 2006) and "64-Rokuyon-" (Director Takahisa Zeze / 2016).


Spica Yufune​ (Eri Tanaka )

Born in 1986. Born in Miyazaki prefecture. After working as a member of society, he has been active in video since around 2012. While free, he has appeared in a wide range of films, from independent films to commercial films. Major appearances include the movie "Journey of the Tortoise" (Director Masafumi Nagayama / 2016), "Miracles of the Namiya General Store" (Director Ryuichi Hiroki / 2017), "Red Star" (Director Aya Igashi / 2018), and "Mandrin". "Woman" (Director Kazuya Shiraishi / 2019), "SHELL and JOINT" (Director Isamu Hirabayashi / 2020), drama "Spark", etc.


Kazuaki Nagaya​ (Umeda )

Born in 1987. Born in Tokyo. "Don't stop the camera!" 』(Director Shinichiro Ueda / 2018). He is active in a wide range of fields such as movies, dramas, and theatrical performances. Recent appearances include the movie "I am in the light" (Director Ryutaro Nakagawa / 2019), "Hot Gimmick Girl Meets Boy" (Director Yuki Yamato / 2019), and the short film "Or the Sound of a Very Small War". (Director Tomomi Muraguchi / 2018), drama "Fruit Takkyubin" (Director Shuichi Okita / 2019), etc.


Theater information



 K's Cinema  Finished       

 UPLINK Shibuya   End     _ 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_       _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_    

  Shimotakaido Cinema End

  End of Shin-Bungeiza  

Kanagawa Prefecture

 Yokohama Cinemarine end  

Fukushima Prefecture

  Forum Fukushima End


Tochigi Prefecture

  Oyama Cinema Roble End

  Gunma Prefecture

  Maebashi Cinema House End

Aichi prefecture

  Cinema Skhole finished

Nagano Prefecture

  Matsumoto Cinema Select finished

Niigata Prefecture

  Cine Wind End

Osaka prefecture

  Theater Seven ends


  Kyoto Minami Kaikan End

Hyogo prefecture

  Motomachi Movie Theater End

Okayama Prefecture

  Cinema Clair Ended


  Yokogawa Cinema End

​ Recording / sound adjustment: Tetsuya Kobayashi

​ Photographing / Lighting: Seiei Iioka

Assistant Director: Shinichiro Ueda


Assistant Director: Yujiro Ozeki, Hiroyuki Ueda

Produced by: Konosuke Yoshida

Photographing assistant: Hiroyo Okamura, Minoru Ei

Makeup: Mao Onuki

Art support: Hiromi Hirose

Director / Screenplay: Shinichi Otsuka

スクリーンショット 2020-12-01 4.17.17.png
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