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Published in 2021



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[Production] 1950 (French film)

[Original title] Les Enfants Terribles

[Original] Jean Cocteau

[Director / Screenplay] Jean-Pierre Melville

​ [Distribution] Really Like Films, Cinemago / Cinema Angel (Courtesy)

[Cast] Nicole Stephane, Edward Delmit, Rene Kojima, Jack Bernard, Melville Martin, Maria Syriacus, Jean Mari Roban, Maurice Level, Roger Gaillard, Jean Cocteau (Narration)


[Outline of work]

A novella written by Jean Cocteau, who turned 40 in 1929, and one of the masterpieces reminiscent of the classical tragedy reminiscent of Greek mythology. Produced by Melville Productions in 1949 and released in theaters in 1950. At that time, the director was Jean-Pierre Melville, who is known for "Samurai" (1967) and "Jinyoshi" (1969). It is also said that it had a great influence on Nouvelle Vague, which is represented by Francois Truffaut and others, and Truffaut states that "the best novel has become the best movie." In addition, cinematographer Henri Doka has since been known as a cameraman for "Elevator to the Death Penalty" (1958), "Les Cousins" (1959), and "The Adults Don't Know" (1959).



Poor sister Elizabeth and younger brother Paul who lost their father and then their mother. Eventually, Elisabeth became a fashion model and met a wealthy man, but died in an accident. Elisabeth, who will inherit the big mansion, starts a strange communal life with his younger brother, Agato, a model companion, and Gerard, a former alumni of his younger brother. However, my sister loves her younger brother, and he is of the same sex and once had the image of his alumni Darjuros on the female Agato.








2022年 /日本映画 / 106分 / カラー / DCP /5.1ch


Jean-Pierre Melville Director: Jean-Pierre Melville


Born in Paris in 1917. Participated in the resistance movement during World War II, and after the war he began making independent films.

In 1948, he starred in "Ladies of the Bois Rouge" directed by Robert Bresson. The following year, he made his directorial debut in the first feature film, "Le Silence de la Sea" (1949). (Photo by Henri Degas) Appeared in "Orpheus" (1950) directed by Jean Cocteau, who was the chairman of the cinema club "Objectif 49" in the same year. At the request of Director Melville from Cocteau, he was in charge of visualizing "Les Enfants Terrible Children".

Since then, he has appeared in Pierre Kast's "Girl in His Pocket" (1957) and Jean-Luc Godard's "Selfishness" (1957).


Melville's own directorial masterpieces include Jean-Paul Belmondo's "The Red Circle" (1963), which is one of the film noirs, Alain Delon's "Samurai" (1967), and Alain Delon and Yves Montand's co-starring. There is "The Red Circle" (1970).

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