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Theatrical release from August 27, 2022


An independent film unit "Rene Cinema" formed by actors Takehiko Fujita, Harumi Shuhama, and filmmaker Tomofumi Hasegawa. Directed by Takayuki Ohashi's solo theater debut work "Tooraimei", which was produced as the first feature film.


[Published in Japan]
2021 (Japanese movie)

[Director / Screenplay]
Takayuki Ohashi

Akari Takaishi, Tomomi Fukikoshi, Miharu Tanaka, Sho Mineo, Mizuho Osu, Tetsuro Mihara, Junko Kawabe, Tenkei Yoshitomi, Hitomi Maki, Akikazu Henmizu, Takehiko Fujita, Harumi Shuhama



髙石あかり 吹越ともみ 田中美晴
ミネオショウ 大須みづほ 森徠夢 武井美優
古矢航之介 三原哲郎 川辺純子 石橋征太郎 大田恵里圭 園山敬介 タカ海馬 荒井啓仁 舞木ひと美
藤田健彦 しゅはまはるみ


In 2020, the destruction of humankind is approaching several months after the collision of a comet.


The eldest daughter, Ayane and the second daughter, Hanane, who believed in the prophecies of Nostradamus in 1999 when they were in elementary school, and their half-sister, Oto, who were born after that, will live together for the first time.

Ayane is in charge of designing the private room of the shelter before the comet collides, and every day next to the danger of robbing the shelter by violence .


Hanane reunites with Ryohei, an elementary school classmate who has a wife and children who are not doing well with his wife when he returns home . Although he was a minor, he met a drinking party circle for some reason and witnessed Hanane kissing Ryohei on his way home from drinking.

Can the three sisters, who cannot step on each other and pass each other, become a true family before the end of the world?


Director Takayuki Ohashi: Takayuki Ohashi

The short film "Happiness of the Pushing Woman" produced in 2014 won the Grand Prix in the short film category of the SKIP City International D Cinema Film Festival 2014, and won many prizes at domestic film festivals.


In 2018, "Sakura Naru" was released, and in 2019, the omnibus trilogy "Kazoku Match" was released and was well received.

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