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April 19, 2019: Euro Space released

[Public] 2019 (Japanese movie)

[Original] MINO Bros.

[Director] Ryuichi Mino

​ [Distribution] Cinemago

Shuhei Handa, Eiko Aso, Takafumi Murakami, Motoki Goda, Akina Yamada, Mami Tsutsumi, Sonoko Kameoka, Shin'ichi Shirahata


[Outline of work]
The first feature film for the two, directed by Ryuichi Mino, the older brother of the movie production unit "Mino Brothers", and written by Kazuhiko Mino, the younger brother. It depicts a young man who returned to the countryside where his parents' house is and decided to work at an elderly home, struggling in front of the elderly. In addition to receiving the Audience Award in the "Expected New Director" category at the Kanazawa Film Festival 2018, it has won high acclaim at numerous film festivals.


When his mother got sick, Kazuhiko quit his job and returned to his parents' house. Eventually he started working in an elderly housing with care, but the harsh days of caring for unfamiliar old people and having to listen to his mother's complaints when he returned home after work began. While questioning the policy of the facility and the way of thinking of the colleagues who work there, Kazuhiko continues to hold the ideal that the resident can have fun and smile, and will do his daily work sincerely. Inspired by Aiko, a resident who takes a rebellious attitude toward the staff and does not hesitate to assert herself, Kazuhiko tries to find a purpose in her work at home, but she disappears from Aiko's facility. In addition, his heart is shaken greatly ...

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Ryuichi Mino: MINO  RYUICHI
Born in Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, born in 1988. After graduating from the film department of Kyoto University of the Arts, he participated in film and TV dramas as an assistant director and gained experience. After that, he invited his younger brother, Kazuhiko Mino, to the world of filmmaking and formed the filmmaking team "Mino Brothers".


In 2019, "Rojin Farm" was released nationwide as the first feature-length director, and this work won the Audience Award in the Kanazawa Film Festival 2018 "Expected New Director" category, as well as TAMA NEW WAVE "Are". "Viewpoint", Japan Arts Center Video Grand Prix Jury Special Award, New Directors Film Festival Nomination, Officially invited to Sanuki Film Festival 2019.

For the announcement in 2022, the second work "Oni laughs" is completed again with Shuhei Handa as the main character.

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