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[Director / Screenplay]

Inoue Morito


Atsushi Sada, Yasuyuki Sakurai, Mitsutaka Itakura, Tatsuya Abe, Cameleor




[Outline of work]
The movie "Mumei Nagaya no Neckless Monster" is a pet roster of the comedy combination "Sontakuzu", Inoue Morito, who was a conte entertainer and was also entered in the 23rd Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Award (TARO Award). The director's indie monster movie. It won the highest award of the 11th National Independent Monster Film Championship and was screened at the Atami Monster Film Festival held in November 2019 last year.


A headless monster appears in the city at night. From the dragging neck, this headless monster was previously thought to be the same individual as the monster Gasangaku used by the Sabulus aliens to invade Earth. While the inhabitants are evacuating, a man named Takato is chanting sutras in a single house and cutting nine characters. The Sabulus alien man who came to Takato's house says that the appearance of monsters is not their invasion operation. Takato, the alien Sabulus, and the ghosts at Takato's house infer the mystery of what the monster is.


Inoue Morihito Director: Inoue Morihito


Born in Yokohama in 1993. Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Basic Design in 2017. Freelance filmmaker. Began shooting video works from college graduation production, and achieved the first two consecutive victories (2018, 19 years) at the National Indie Monster Film Championship Tokyo General Tournament.

As a comedy combination "Sontakuzu", he also performed a contest activity in the contemporary art area, and won the 23rd Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Award for the first time in history.


In addition to "Mumei Nagaya no Neckless Monster" (2018, 11th National Indie Film Championship Tokyo General Tournament Grand Prize), "Prefectural Musashino Magic High School Nikimono Club Dragon Hunting Story" (2019, same as above) 14th highest award)

There is "Yoshiki Tanaka Presents-Gathering Writers and Soccer Club-" (2020, Ginza Guardian Garden).

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