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Keiji Yoda Kyoko Mabuchi (HappyPeopleParty) Atsushi Tsutsumita (Impulse)

Harumi Shuhama Nanami Kawakami Mihiro Kaneko


Production / Screenplay / Director: Toru Hasegawa


Grant: Film Boys Film Festival

Photo: Naoki Fukushima Editing: Yuji Nishikawa

Theme song: "Niju 6th" Her knuckle Music: Masataka Kawasaki

Advertising design: NORA DESIGN Advertising: Reo Takizawa / Nobi Kawai

Distribution: Infinite Monkey Theorem Distribution cooperation: Cinemago

Distributor: Odessa Entertainment


2022 / Japan / 81 minutes / DCP / Color / 16: 9 / Stereo

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​2022 Published in 2010



"Adultery Virus" directed by Toru Hasegawa
Crowdfunding is in progress!
"Adultery Virus" directed by Toru Hasegawa
Crowdfunding is in progress!


Toru Hasegawa has turned from a variety program broadcast writer to a screenwriter and has written numerous screenplays such as the TV dramas "Tales of the Unusual Story" and "Higurashi When They Cry". In 2019, the short film "Broken Heart", which was directed for the first time based on his own script, won the Grand Prix at the Film Boys Film Festival and attracted attention.


In December 2019, the production of this work "Adultery Virus" , which shares the world view with "Broken Heart Department" , started. Crowdfunding at Motion Gallery attracted more than 1.8 million yen and became a hot topic. Although Korona-ka's state of emergency has repeatedly threatened to discontinue production, the main story was completed in February 2021.

It is Keiji Yoda who plays the main character, Teruo Koishi, who has been infected with the "affair virus". In addition to being played by Kyoko Mabuchi , who made her wife Ren Koishi a member of the HappyPeopleParty for the first time in the movie , Atsushi Tsutsumita , Harumi Shuhama, Nanami Kawakami , and Mihiro Kaneko 's indie film from the comedy combination "Impulse". An unbelievable gorgeous member sets aside.



Ren Koishi, a full-time housewife, suspects the affair of her husband, Teruo Koishi ...

One day, Teruo went out saying he was going to work on a holiday. Lotus follows Teruo with the determination to get into the affair scene. However, Teruo's destination was not a company or a hotel, but a hospital. Mariko Kirishima, the attending physician, explained to Lotus, who was wondering about Teruo's mysterious behavior, that " Mr. Teruo is infected with an affair virus ."


In Japan, the term " flirt bug " has been used since ancient times, but the latest research has revealed that affairs and affairs were symptoms of illness caused by infection with the affair virus.

Affair is not bad for humans, but bad for illness. Ren, who is not convinced even if he is suddenly told to follow such a rule, falls into suspicion that Teruo really loves himself.

On the other hand, Teruo, who goes back and forth to prove his love for lotus, infects others one after another with the affair virus.





Keiji Yoda

Kyoko Mabuchi (HappyPeopleParty)


Atsushi Tsutsumita (Impulse)


Shuhama Harumi


Nana Kawakami


Mihiro Kaneko

Director Director

Toru Hasegawa:  Hasegawa Toru


Born in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Hosei University.

After working as a broadcast writer for a variety show, he became a screenwriter. He also independently produces and directs "Broken Heart" (2018).  

[Director's work]  
Short film "Broken Heart" (25 minutes 2018)  
6th Film Boys Film Festival 2019 Grand Prix  
15th Yamagata International Movie Festival 2019 Audience Award  
1st Idol Film Festival 2019 Outstanding Performer Award (Mihiro)  
The 6th Film Festival of the Forest Crossing the Night Sky 2019 Competition Division Screening Work 
Tokyo MX TV "Tomorrow's SHOW" aired work (January 7, 2020 # 119)  
AbemaTV "Twenties Movie Desire" Aired Work (November 9, 2019 # 56)  

[Screenplay work]  
TV Asahi "Iryu Sosa"  
Yomiuri TV "The smartphone was buried in the brain!" _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
Kansai TV "Medical Team Lady da Vinci's Diagnosis"  
BS SKY PerfecTV! "Higurashi When They Cry" "Solutions Without Higurashi When They Cry"  
Fuji TV "Tales of the Unusual Story" "✕ (X)" (Director Takashi Yamazaki)  
Many others


[ Writer Twitter] @passione_pesci



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