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Fear of missing out

It will be released at Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa from July 31, 2021!



Fear of missing out

A place where light and darkness, memory and reality overlap and are connected ──

The movie follows "Ituka no Kyo".


Akira Kawauchi, a filmmaker who has been looking at the relationship between people and images through his work at the Art Center. The unique sensibility of "stitching" images, which can be perceived as universal or completely new, has been highly evaluated at each film festival, including Takahisa Zeze and Tetsuya Mariko.

This work, titled SNS slang, depicts the spectacle that appears beyond the sadness of "the fear of being left behind" that appears in people's hearts through the story of a woman who lost her best friend.

The cast includes Yujin Lee, who first acted and starred in this work, Ayano Kojima in "A Room with Nobody", and Hiroki Sato in "Namigiwa". Delicately express the emotional tremors of the characters.

Ueda Castle Town Film Festival Indie Film Contest Jury Award (Chigumi Obayashi Award)

Selected for Pia Film Festival

Selected for Fukuoka Independent Film Festival

Fear of missing out

I'm sad that I can't join you.

It says to think of someone who isn't here

It's also a warm feeling

함께 있지 못해 슬프다. 그것은 여기 에 없는 누군가 를 생각한다 는 따뜻한 마 음


Eugene, who lost her best friend Lee Sung, discovers the voice record she left behind. Eugene begins to exchange memories and the present space-time while communicating with friends who are not here. The neon lights of the city, the night sky, where her car is heading.


친구 이 선을 잃은 유진은 선이 남긴 보이스레코더를 발견한다.여기에 없는 친구와 통하며 닿으면서 유진은 추억과 지금의 시공을 오간다.거리 네온,밤의 어두워짐,유진의 차가 향하는 곳은. ..​

[Production] 2020 (Japanese movie)

[Production] Crashi Films

[Director / Screenplay / Editing / Shooting] Akira Kawauchi

[Distribution] Cinemago   [Distribution cooperation] Giggly Box


Yujin Lee, Takaishi Kaoru, Kojima Ayano, Sunyon, Sato Hiroki, Rebecca, Fujioka Mai, Yokoo Hiromi, Anraku Ryo, Kaburagi Yuri, Mitamura Ryu

Akira Kawachi Director: Kawachi akira

Born in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture in 1988. As an individual filmmaker, he mainly works in Tokyo under the name of Crashi Films. In the 2017 movie "Hikari-Kai", he was selected by Takahisa Zeze and Tetsuya Mariko, and won the 20th CHOFU SHORT FILM COMPETITION Grand Prix.

In 2019, "Two Writers: Akira Kawauchi x Go Matsumoto" will be screened for two weeks at Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa, and will make its debut in theaters with "Hikari-Kai" and "Happiness Eyes". In 2020, "Fear of missing out" was selected for the PFF Award Pia Film Festival.

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