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From October 30, 2021, Tollywood Shimokitazawa and others will be released nationwide!


[Public] Published in 2021

[Director / Editor] Zenzo Sakai



Mutsumi Suzuki, Maki Nishiyama, Riku Tanaka, Takashi Matsumoto, Hirahito, Risa Kameda, Takanori Kamachi

[Promotional cooperation] Cinemago  

[Outline of work]

A psychological thriller created by the movie production team "Drunken Bird" by film director and screenwriter Zenzo Sakai and recording engineer Yasuyuki Momomo. Mutsumi Suzuki and Maki Nishiyama who are active in many indie films as cast. Exhibited in the short film section of the SKIP City International D-Cinema Film Festival 2020 Domestic Competition.



Mami Kurata, a psychological counselor who works in a psychological counseling room, was 6 months pregnant, and that day was her last day before maternity leave. A woman named Akemi Yoshitaka who did not make a reservation comes in front of Mami who has forgotten the last counselor who was scheduled. Akemi begins to say, "I can see youkai," to Mami, who had no choice but to ask only the content of the consultation. The dark story told from the mysterious Akemi's mouth drives Mami's delusions, and Mami is gradually swallowed by a whirlpool of anxiety.


Director Zenzo Sakai : Sakai Zenzo 

Born in Tokyo in 1985. Graduated from the 14th fiction course at Eigabi School. Studied under filmmakers Makoto Shinozaki and Kunitoshi Manda.

While working as a freelance video director and editor, he produced independent films.


In 2018, he formed a video production group "Drunken Bird" with Yasuyuki Momomo. The movie "Counselor" was produced on a crowdfunding site before shooting with a fund of 1.3 million yen from 84 sponsors.


Currently scheduled to be exhibited at each film festival.

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