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From August 21, 2021, Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa and others will be released nationwide!

[Public] Published in 2021

[Director / Shooting / Editing] Tomofumi Hasegawa


[Cast] Hitomi Maki, Yusuke Takahashi, Yu Mashima, Miki Naruse, Taishi Masaoka, Kenichi Kobayashi

Ikuma Yamada, Hiroyasu Kaneo, Hironobu Yukinaga, Aimi Kotani, Emi Saito, Chiao Sato, Anzu Fujii, Takehiko Fujita, Harumi Shuhama


[Distribution] Cinemago [Distribution cooperation] Giggly Box / Cinemaangel [Distributor] Odessa Entertainment 

[Outline of work]
Tomofumi Hasegawa's first independent director with a long career as a freelance film director. Hitomi Maki, who plays the role of Fuko, is also the producer of this work. Yusuke Takahashi, who will star in "Transparent Fireworks" (2018) and the upcoming "First Woman", will play the wilderness, and Yu Mashima and Miki Naruse will play the characters that scatter Fuko and sparks. Harumi Shuhama and Takehiko Fujita, who participate in the "Rene Cinema" launched by three people including Director Hasegawa, also appear and show their presence.



In the winter of the second year of high school, Fuko is asked by her classmate Wilderness in the art club to take on a character model in the early morning classroom, but during that time, she feels a sense of climax for unknown reasons.

I will faint. Just then, the wilderness was dropped out due to a misunderstanding of the teacher who entered the classroom, and since then the two have not faced each other.

did. Eight years have passed. While acting as a model in a friend's painting class, Fuuko remembered that day.

I have never felt such a climax since then. Fuko, who called her parents' house in the wilderness and found out where she was in the wilderness, visited him and was already there.

I'm trying to get myself to draw a picture once ...

あらののはて 大谷荒野

Tomofumi Hasegawa Director: Hashegawa Tomofumi

Born in 1967, graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Department of Design. As a designer, participated in works such as TV animation "Active Raid" (2016), "Hand Red" (2016), "Slave Ward" (2018).

In 2018, he launched "Rene Cinema" with actors Harumi Shuhama and Takehiko Fujita and started independent film production. In 2019, he made his debut as a film director by acting as a scriptwriter and director of the first part "Left Arm Psychedelic" of the omnibus movie "Kazoku Match" starring Harumi Shuhama and Takehiko Fujita.


In 2020, he won the Grand Prix at the Kadoma International Film Festival and the Jury Award (Tomoyuki Furumaya Award) at the Ueda Castle Town Film Festival for his first independent director, "Ara no Hate." In addition, he was selected for entry at the SKIP International D-Cinema Film Festival 2020 and the 12th Video Grand Prix of the Japan Arts Center.












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